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Oxidative Stress Linked To 200+ Health Issues & Diseases

Increasing GLUTATHIONE levels for Health, Wellness & Athletes:

Your body produces its own Glutathione. Unfortunately poor diet, pollution, toxins, over medication, job & domestic stress, PTSD (War/Domestic), infection, radiation exposure depletes us of our Glutathione. Leaving you/us susceptible to unrestrained cell disintegration from oxidative stress, free radicals, infection, cancer, tumor growth, dementia, short term memory loss, autism, low energy, slow healing process and many other symptoms that effect us due to use living in a drug and chemically dependent society. Face it, our cells, organs and bodies are over worked.  We provide this therapy for your dog and/or cat as well.

You Should Consider GLUTATHIONE To Avoid or If You Are Experiencing:

◊ Weak Immune System           ◊ Autism

◊ ADHD/ADD                          ◊ PTSD 

◊ High Blood Pressure              ◊ Joint Inflammation/Pain

◊ Mental/Physical Fatigue         ◊ Memory Loss

◊ Diabetes                               ◊ Problems Metabolizing Fat

◊ etc...


For the Athletic individuals & Weekend Worriors:


◊ Energy                        ◊ Stamina

◊ Cardio Endurance          ◊ Muscular Endurance          

◊ Running Times              ◊ Muscle Recovery            

◊ Immune Strength          ◊ Athletic Performance

◊ Ability to Avoid Injury    ◊ Injury Recovery


To Learn More about our use of Glutathione to improve your health and recovery contact me for a general interview or call to make an appointment with me at our office.

This Is Not A Replacement For Medication Prescribed By Your Healthcare Provider, But A Natural Journey To Assist Your Body In Correcting The Stress That Our Culture Has Put It Under So That Your Heathcare Provider Can Start Seeing Recovery and Correction.

Invest In Corrective & Dietary Therapy improving long term Health & Wellness.


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