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Welcome, this study has been created to support the Massage Therapy Student and graduate through the review and preparations to move on to the licensing process of their profession...., the state board exam. The information provided here is the information need to function as an effective test taker, but as an effective massage therapist as well. You will have access to live coaching, text contact, e-mail contact, video communication and audio conference communication, allowing you to ask question and voice your concerns. Giving you the comfort and confidence needed to approach your exam. 

I am Lorenzo Hughes, owner and CEO of the Myo-Therapy Clinic. Having taken the 3 hour National Exam (NCBTMB) and passing it the first time around, being a part of the development process of the Examination Development Program for the FSMTB (Federal State Massage Therapy Board), as a former Program Chair, Anatomy & Physiology  Instructor, Massage Therapy Clinic Supervisor, Lead Massage Therapy Instructor for a local college, Vice President of one of Kansas City's local business training and collaboration chapters and program manager and local DJ for a local Gospel and Christian Rap radio station, gives you access to not only quality exam prep., but business practices techniques, marketing and career choice and improvement coaching in the future. 

With this coaching model, you will have 24hr. access to live and pre-recorded study tools, video and audio so that you will not miss out on the study and learning process. 

For the Month of December you have a $45.00 introductory coaching program geared to improve your chances to pass the board exam and to improve your knowledge and skill as a massage therapist.

I am so glad in becoming a part of your business and career success.  Let's get started. 

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